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  • Shuanglin machinery today aspect tonight 17:15 Zhejiang channel fifthJuly 19 that afternoon 17 points and 15 minutes, locking Zhejiang five sets of entertainment "brand vision" column, please watch Shuanglin machine coverage. March 26, 2015, Zhejiang Shuanglin Machinery Co., Ltd. in Beijing held the national system for the transfer of shares of small and medium-sized enterprises listing ceremony, Shuanglin machine become our landing new board first plastics piping systems, flood control pollution control equipment listed companies. Stock abbreviation: Shuanglin machine; Stock Code: 832111. This is the opening capital market journey of the first mallet Shuanglin machine, is the Shuanglin machinery development milestone, Shuanglin machine will practical new development journey.[2015-08-11]
  • Shuang Lin sharesHangzhou Shuanglin Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, is a professional engaged in composite pipe production line, plastic pipe production line and various pipe mold and plastic auxiliary equipment R & D and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. The company covers an area of 26 acres, more than 15000 square meters of standard workshop. Hangzhou company is located in the beautiful West Lake, located in Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo transportation hub, air traffic is very convenient.[2015-05-15]
  • Shuanglin machine in three new board listed successAt 9:00 on the morning of March 26, 2015, Zhejiang Shuanglin machinery Limited by Share Ltd in Beijing held a new board listed a special ceremony, Zhejiang Shuanglin machinery Limited by Share Ltd (stock abbreviation: Shuanglin machine; Stock Code: 832111) to become the new board first domestic plastic ......[2015-04-28]
  • Zhejiang Shuanglin machinery Limited by Share Ltd three new board listing ceremonyDistinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends: Good morning! In this, let us also start anew Spring returns to the good earth. spring in March, we ushered in the Zhejiang Shuanglin......[2015-04-28]
  • "The Hangzhou daily" 8 categories of 20 kinds of pipeline pipeline into one -- "the wisdom of undergThe newspaper news (reporter Li Bigang) yesterday, Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd, Yuhang Deqing Shuanglin Machinery Factory ushered in a number of special guests, they are about 180 people from Russia, South Africa and other parts ...[2015-04-28]

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