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PPR pipe production line - Zhejiang Shuanglin machinery Limited by Share Ltd

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PPR pipe production line & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; PP-R drinking water system is widely used in developed countries in the world of new products, it in the hot and cold water transportation engineering with homogenous dissolves technology and its comprehensive technical performance and economic index is far superior to other similar products, especially its remarkable health performance, Huishou the whole process from production to recycling can achieve high requirements on hygiene and environmental protection & middot; products with of heat resistance, pressure resistance, thermal insulation, energy saving, long life and economic advantages, is widely used in today's developed countries, the new products   PPR pipe production process & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; raw material + masterbatch & rarr; mixed & rarr; vacuum material & rarr; raw material drying & rarr; single screw extrusion machine & rarr; color line extrusion machine & rarr; spiral mould & rarr; diameter & rarr; vacuum spray shaping box & rarr; spray cooling water tank & rarr; inkjet printer & rarr; crawler traction machine & rarr; finished product packaging testing PPR pipe production line.     PPR pipe production process encountered problems how to solve?   1, the surface of the pipe with focal trace may be due to high temperature of the fuselage or head; head and the filter is not cleaned; granular impurities; raw material for thermal stability is poor or heat stable dose is too small; temperature control instrument malfunction.   2, pipe surface has black stripes may cause the nose temperature is too high, the filter did not wash clean.   3, the surface of the pipe is not shiny may be the mouth mold temperature is too low or too high.   4, the surface of the pipe material may be the mouth mold temperature is not uniform; cooling water is too hot; traction is too slow.   5, the inner wall of the pipe may be rough mandrel temperature is low; the body temperature is too low; high temperature screw.   6, the inner wall of the pipe crack may be material impurities; the mandrel temperature is too low; the body temperature is low; the traction speed is too fast.   7, the inner wall of the pipe may have uneven screw temperature; the screw speed is too fast.   8, the inner wall of the tube may be expected to have the material moisture.   9, the wall thickness of the pipe can not die, the core mold is not right; the nose is not uniform temperature; traction instability; compressed air is not stable.   10, pipe bending may be pipe wall thickness is not uniform; the nose around the temperature is not uniform; the head cooling tank, traction and cutting center is not right; the cooling groove at two ends of the hole is not concentric.   11, the product is brittle may be the body is not enough; screw speed too fast; the head temperature is too low; resin viscosity is too high.   12, the vertical or horizontal pipe of the pipe may be set and the diameter of the mouth of the radial difference between large (horizontal); traction speed is high (longitudinal).   13, suddenly the material is slow may be a high temperature of the screw feeding section; the body into the water; the head of the body pressure is small.

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